Events for Business
Casa Molino es mucho más que un hotel

Travelers, adventurers, national or foreign executives require a space that provides comfort, tranquility, excellent attention and services. If to this is added the possibility of holding conferences, meetings, board sessions, exclusive product launches, coaching with the best environment in Chilean Patagonia, then we are at Casa Molino boutique hotel & events. A space that guarantees reservation, quality and unsurpassed environments to make the best decisions for your company or corporation.

Meeting room with LED screen and exclusive dedication Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and independent entrances guarantee a concentration space for your management team away from the noise and distractions of the city center.​

There are meetings that require high levels of privacy to establish alliances or sign commercial agreements without alerting the competition. Due to its location on the outskirts of Puerto Varas, Casa Molino guarantees total discretion and reserve.

Coffee break service, corporate breakfasts, lunches, cocktails or institutional dinners organized by an outstanding team that will be available to coordinate the details of your event in the best locations in Puerto Varas.

In this context, there is a complete hotel, with all the services that an ideal accommodation should have, which also rents out its facilities for events for companies or wedding celebrations. Casa Molino offers the citizens and visitors of Puerto Varas the possibility of combining a stay in a hotel with a business meeting or the celebration of their marriage.

Its facilities have everything that a tourist, a company and a couple need. Furniture, lighting, decoration, sound, food, parking and much more, in one of the most beautiful regions of the American continent, such as Patagonia in Chile. Any of these services will be improved exponentially if it is done with a huge lake, mountains, volcanoes and forests in the background. That is why Casa Molino is much more than a hotel; is (almost) everything a person could need.

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