Volcanes En Chile

Volcanoes in Chile

El hotel con volcanes de fondo se ve aún mejor

Chilean Patagonia is a paradisiacal region, full of unspoiled nature that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its visitors can walk the routes seeing how the rain falls cleaning the gray color of the sky, which returns to its beautiful and characteristic intense blue. The region smells of forest and damp earth; the citizens of its beautiful cities are warm people, who always warmly receive visitors, who are always welcomed.

Hotel Casa Molino is no exception. This accommodation is the perfect option for those looking for a Hotel in Puerto Varas, Chile. The tourist who goes there in search of the unique beauty that constitutes the natural scene of the great volcanoes and lakes in the country, finds an ideal hotel in Casa Molino, where you can also feel the heritage of the culture of the original peoples that They lived there so long ago.

The volcanoes in Chile are found in the midst of impressive natural landscapes. Dozens of them are located throughout the country, as well as throughout the Andes Mountain Range; Only a few of these volcanoes are still considered dangerous today, but they still represent a beautiful image that is the perfect excuse to take a trip to Puerto Varas.

In addition to navigating lakes and lagoons, you can practice other sports besides water sports. For those who love adventure tourism, the volcanoes of Chile are a dream come true. In addition, you can go rafting, canoeing, spend full days fishing or simply contemplating the beauty of the extensive flora and fauna of the region. Any of these activities will be part of an unforgettable day, but it can only end up being perfect if at nightfall, you go back to sleep in one of the complete rooms of the Casa Molino hotel, from where you can discover the volcanoes, the lake and the best sunrises. from the south of the world.


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