Wedding Stays In Chile
The unbeatable feeling of getting married in a hotel in southern Chile

Many travelers believe that because it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Latin America, and because it offers a complete and top quality service to its guests, Casa Molino will have an unattainable cost for those who want to spend a few days in its luxurious rooms. This boutique hotel in southern Chile is far from being one of those big hotel chains that hide very expensive rates behind their neon lights.

Casa Molino offers its guests the opportunity to sleep in beautiful rooms and get to know its clean facilities, ideal for visiting with the family, economically, without the client’s stay representing a much higher expense. It is therefore a perfect price-quality ratio that allows you to enjoy exclusive facilities and rooms at a reasonable price.

In this context, it is worth noting that there are multiple services at this wonderful establishment, perfect for its location with respect to the city’s tourist attractions and options for family leisure. As a service of distinction, Casa Molino also offers the possibility of renting the entire hotel with its ten rooms, or locations on the outside, with a park overlooking the lake and the volcanoes, so that guests can also hold their wedding party. on the spot and take unsurpassed pictures.

This would be the most perfect way to spend a hotel stay. All the joy of being on vacation in Puerto Varas, added to the unforgettable emotion of marrying the love of your life, will make celebrating a wedding at Casa Molino unmatched by any other wedding celebration. Unforgettable wherever you look at it.

With superior suite room for honeymooners, access to the beach, secure parking services, and exclusive dinner and breakfasts, added to top quality furniture, decoration and lighting, Casa Molino is a hotel that offers better service even than the of many companies dedicated only to celebrating marriages.

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