Casa Molino offers you the best facilities to celebrate your marriage. The park, access to the lake, pier, beach and the unbeatable views form the ideal setting for a great ceremony or party and will allow your photos, videos and memories to have the best views of Puerto Varas.

We have 1.5 hectares of parks that allow the installation of tents, lighting systems, amplification and decoration that will make your celebration unforgettable. We have a list of the best providers in Puerto Varas to ensure the quality of service and attention. To make the most of each space in Casa Molino, marriages are celebrated during the day, with the end time being 00:00 hours.

By hiring Casa Molino as your place to celebrate your marriage, you will have exclusive access to 11 rooms with breakfast included for a maximum of 22 people and thus enjoy that unforgettable moment with those closest to you.

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